Why Crowdfund?

Episode Summary

Did you know that Black women founders received less than 1% of venture capital?

Black women founders are already the LEAST funded entrepreneurs, so imagine the difficulty accessing capital for a black, woman owned, social enterprise in the food industry! This is why we are crowdfunding.

Beyond our reasons, crowdfunding is a great option for businesses for many reasons. Watch our latest “Road To Prosperity” episode to learn more about why we chose to crowdfund, and why it’s a great option for new, small, and minority owned businesses.

This is part 1 of a 3 part episode, so check back for part 2 – Access to Capital, and part 3 – Types of Crowdfunding!

You can support our crowdfund at www.fundblackfounders.com/prosperitymarket.

This episode features Renee King & Joyhdae Albert of Fund Black Founders. Fund Black Founders is a rewards based crowdfunding platform. Visit www.fundblackfounders.com today to start your own crowdfunding journey or support all of the amazing campaigns that are currently live.

Also featuring Kathleen Minogue & Scott Madsen of Crowdfund Better are business experts and advisor for all things crowdfunding and accessing capital. Visit www.fundblackfounders.com to start your own crowdfund journey.

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