What is Prosperity Market?
Do you accept SNAP/EBT?
How can I support Prosperity Market and your mission?
How can I volunteer with Prosperity Market?

Virtual Market

What is the virtual market? How does it work?
Do you offer delivery?
Do you ship?

The Trailer

So what exactly is this mobile farmers market?
When will the trailer be open for business?
Will you still continue your pop-up markets when the trailer is open?
Where will the trailer go? How will I know where to find the trailer?
How do I get my products in the trailer?
I’m a chef. How can I be featured in the mobile kitchen?


How can I become a vendor?
I applied to be a vendor and I haven’t heard back yet?
Can I be a vendor if I’m not local to Los Angeles?

Prosperity Bucks

What are Prosperity Bucks?
How do I get Prosperity Bucks?
How can I sponsor Prosperity Bucks?

Black Business Scavenger Hunt

What is the Black Business Scavenger Hunt?
I do not have a brick & mortar location. Can I still participate?
How can I sponsor Prosperity Bucks?

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