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Eat to Live
Your Granola Garden is an established, family-owned business that has been dedicated to creating quality products packed with amazing taste.


Our story begins in the Bay Area with our mother who has over 4 decades of experience working wonders in the baking world and is the creative genius behind all of our recipes. As a young woman, mom worked at a natural foods bakery in Oakland where she discovered her passion for baking and creating healthy, delicious food. Some years later, with four young children to take care of, she turned that passion into a business, making and selling truly nutritious granola that tasted amazing.

One of her sons, Taji, began working with his mother in high-school and always had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. As he got older, the work and the dream came together presenting an opportunity to expand the family business. Hence, Your Granola Garden was born as a blessing from his mother to branch out while still using only the best, mom’s original recipes.

Our top seller is our delicious and nutritious granola, but we also offer vegan cinnamon rolls, vegan chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, and energy bars – remarkably tasty! We believe that healthy foods are essential to a good life.

With our products, you will eat to live.

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