Wear Uplifted. Representation through Fashion
UPLIFTED is a culmination of my experiences growing up in COMPTON.


As a kid, I never played sports, I didn’t make music, I wasn’t “outside” and I stayed to myself. For those reasons, I felt lost and forgotten. When I was 18, I made the decision to be a representation for kids who feel or felt the same. That’s when the concept for UPLIFTED was born.

I choose clothing as my medium because growing up, I had to be very cognizant of what I did and didn’t wear.

It’s important that I make pieces anyone can wear. At the age of 22, through my own research, I discovered GRAPHIC DESIGN. I knew in order to bring my experiences to life I would need a Graphic Designer for my brand. Being inspired and motivated by the late NIPSEY HUSSLE, I always heard him say, “Fuck the middleman.” That’s when I stopped looking for a Graphic Designer, went back to school, and became one myself.

After graduating I spent time working as a Graphic Designer and put UPLIFTED on the back burner and I never stopped wanting to get my message out to the world. On March 20, 2021, I officially launched WEARUPLIFTED.COM

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We are currently offering delivery in the following zip codes

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Exposition Park