The Got Damn Sauce

Bauce of all Sauces

Since 2015, The Got Damn Sauce has grown from a two sauce company to a 14 sauce company. We specialize in BBQ sauces and Hot Sauces. From the Original BBQ Sauce to the Ginger Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, we have a way for everyone to #bauceup.

About The Got Damn Sauce

We’re Serrano Barnes and Dante Gorham and we’ve been taking the sauce game by storm since 2015. It all started while we were celebrating our 10 year reunion at Howard University (Shoutout #ForeverHU05). We had to make some vittles for the tailgate and I though it would be a good time to introduce The Got Damn Sauce to the masses. Needless to say, it was a hit and one of our closest friends told us, “It’s time to sell the sauce.” Even though sauce was so far from our minds, we decided to go forth with it and we’ve been in it ever since.

What had originally started off as two sauces, our Original BBQ and Pineapple Ginger Experience, Currently we’re at 14 and growing. The premise behind The Got Damn Sauces was to bring some untraditional flavors to the forefront. We have created our own staples and have adapted some flavor profiles from places we’ve been or things we have experienced. We have also created things that you would have traditionally had to blend in order to have like our Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce. We really provide people with the one stop shop approach to getting all the flavors you love in one place.

Homemade luxuries made with love and happiness.
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