Moonshot Snacks

Taking a bite out of climate change
Our goal is to bring you food that demonstrates what’s possible when you sweat the small stuff. With just one bite, you’ll taste the difference from our freshly-milled wheat grown by family farms!

ABOUT Moonshot

We’re making climate-friendly snacks with organic wheat grown by regenerative farmers. Our crazy delicious crackers are taking a bite out of climate change!

We are deeply committed to being climate-friendly at every level and are proud to be a carbon neutral company. That means we consider everything: the ingredients, the packaging, and even how our snacks are made. We’re as obsessed with taking care of our home planet as you are, fellow Earthlings, and our life’s purpose is to prove that you can make a delicious snack while being a good steward of the planet.

Creating a healthy food system never tasted so good.

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