Impact Over Fame

seeking equality & enlightenment for marginalized communities.
We provide tools & resources with an aim to create an even platform to allow disadvantaged groups to participate in society on an even playing field. We believe everyone has the natural born right to humanity and opportunity, therefore, we fight to demand it in every form while increasing consciousness and cognizance around measures that marginalized groups should take to be fruitful and protected.


Impact OVER Fame is a non-profit organization focused on action, movement, and campaigns centered around equality and enlightenment for Black and marginalized communities.

#DEFENDBLACK is our inaugural campaign, using t-shirts, wild posting, and billboards as a means to widespread the birthright of acting in self preservation by featuring Black American citizens who have defended themselves against physical attack at the hands of this system. We chose these mediums to market intentionally to widen the opportunity to inspire action.

All proceeds are reinvested to support current and future initiatives, community programs and product launches that serve as a direct benefit and support for our marginalized communities.

“Where there is courage, where there is self‐respect and dignity, there is a possibility that we can change the conditions and win”

– Huey P. Newton
Brandi’s famous prosperity Market Pizza Demos


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