Imani Gardens


I was once 235 pounds with an extensive check list of dis-ease; I was an overweight, foggy minded, unhealthy skin, unmotivated individual with kidney stones, upset stomachs, headaches, and body aches.
In 2018 I graduated high School and Moved to Alaska where I started Studying the African human genome and What life was really about. I realized that All over the world we are underutilizing the land around us and depending on foreign and external systems.
In 2019 I moved back to California to study at USC’s PermaCulture academy held at USC. There I was able to learn how Ancient cultures efficiently Utilized the land to work for them.

Upon completion of the program, I started cultivating edible fruits and plants, alongside with medicinal herbs.

Alkaline & all around Awesome exotic fruits from Imani!

Alkaline, exotic Fruit

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