Heretic Gardener

Urban Yogi Gardener, Earth Empath + Writer
Heretic Gardener + Teas offers spiritual and physical lifestyles explored through education, biodynamic gardening, herbal teas & remedies, ethically garden foraged herbs and healing arts practices.


The Element of Free Thought.

The Heretic Gardener. Ark Angel. Earth Empath + Writer.

We can teach you how to grow. Our products are ethically harvested from our garden, partnered with locally sourced businesses.

Natural handmade products. Grown on our Garden. Made in Socal.

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We are currently offering delivery in the following areas

Chesterfield SquareWest Hollywood
South LA (select zip codes)West Adams
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We are currently offering delivery in the following zip codes

Chesterfield SquareWest HollywoodSouth LA (select zip codes)
West AdamsInglewoodNorth Hollywood