Green Regimen

Founded out of Necessity Not by Opportunity

Tyshawn’s journey to creating Green Regimen was not as predictable as you might think. A native of Connecticut, he decided to move to Los Angeles without ever seeing the city. He had no job, phone or car when he arrived to La. He needed a gig so he started working at a gym closest to his apartment. He began educating himself more about nutrition and he would frequently get tips on fitness from trainers working at the gym. However, he never thought that health and fitness would be a career option for him.

About Green Regimen

Tyshawn’s mission was to develop a natural, organic, plant-based shake that not only tasted GREAT but also had the highest quality nutrition. With the same energy that he put into nursing is Mother back to Health–that’s the same energy that Tyshawn puts into Green Regimen’s products. Your Health is your Wealth and here at Green Regimen, your Health is our Priority. Tyshawn wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enhance your own health and fitness priorities
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