Gloria's Shito

Umami black pepper sauce crafted with love.
Gloria Allorbi, Ghanaian Transplant & Angeleno Claims Kitchen as Creative Escape from Scientific Discipline

ABOUT Gloria

Driven by nostalgia and the reminicings of her Ghanaian childhood, Scientist Gloria Allorbi created “Gloria’s Shito” upon return from a long overdue visit to her motherland. In returning to Los Angeles just prior to the onset of Covid, immediately Allorbi’s taste buds began craving the culinary comforts of home, thus missing the flavors of Ghana. In order to satisfy these voids, Allorbi found herself creating her version of the most revered and beloved hot sauce to all Ghanainans; shito.

Led by cultural pride, personal joy and culinary comfort, Gloria set out to share her joy of shito with family & friends. While shining light on Ghana, Allorbi found herself sharing fond memories of people, places & food through shito.

It’s Allorbi’s ambition, with every jar of Gloria’s Shito that new friends, nourishing conversations & lasting memories are created, while bridging cultural food and information gaps throughout her local communities; eventually reaching the world.

“Gloria Allorbi, she takes (great) food personally.”

“The beenie” Ghanian Shito, SO GOOD!
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