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Fueled by Fresh Fruit & Passion
A San Diego-based family farm, Emma’s Organic Fruits are harvested weekly, and shared with Los Angeles communities. With a focus on freshness and sustainable, pesticide-free fruit, experience a quality of fruit that tastes NOTHING like store bought. Order yours today, and prepare to be amazed!


Dennis Bordenave has been farming in the northern San Diego county community of Fallbrook, California for the last 40 years. I tend to the farm 3 days a week with my daughter Emma. We bring fresh fruit back to Los Angeles to our faithful customers.

My passion has always been getting fresh fruits and vegetables with as little pesticides as possible. I believe in using organic methods in order to grow fruit and vegetables. I’m a firm believer in waiting for the fruit to tell me when it’s ready to be picked. I pick my fruit at the freshest time possible.

I love teaching my daughter how to tend to the orchard and gardens. My passion for sustainability and community was passed down by my father who always says, there’s only three things you can do with the food you grow: eat it, sell it, or give it away. We donate everything we can’t eat or sell to our church family.

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