Cooking With Love

Heritage and Health Come Together for this legacy
Combining her background and heritage of growing up cooking with her grandmother and learning herbalism from her grandfather; this trained therapist discovered her second chapter was still about promoting health–only in the kitchen

ABOUT Mekala Love

COOKING WITH LOVE was born from an organic blend of the familial history and professional career of its founder, Mekala Love.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, with deep roots in New Orleans, Mekala shadowed her grandmother while cooking for thousands of people in her restaurant, and she watched her grandfather take all kinds of herbs and elixirs to stay healthy.

Mekala went on to pursue a career as a Psycho-Therapist, but when her grandmother passed away, she found the two worlds colliding in a state of depression. Besides going to therapy herself, the one thing that lifted her back to positivity was making nostalgic dishes and herbs/elixirs herself that brought her even closer to Granny’s spirit. The most important ingredient any dish, was LOVE.

World Famous Peach Cobbler Seamoss & Then Some

World Famous Peach Cobbler SeaMoss

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