Bridgetown Roti

Offering flavors that encompass the vivacity of the tropical islands, Chef Rashida has seamlessly woven the traditions and history of the Caribbean into her rendition of home style food.


In March 2020, when most things came to a standstill due to COVID-19 including LA’s busy hospitality industry, Chef Rashida transitioned her years of culinary experience into a Caribbean food pop-up business. Rashida decided she would sell patties from the front of her home with the help of her wife, Shanika. After the chef figured the home pop-up concept could work in her favor, given there’s no need for a large team of employees or leases. Word spread across Los Angeles of the unique and flavorful dishes coming out of a little house in Boyle Heights. Pre-orders went live, items sold out, and suddenly there was more demand. She received a Discover grant, moved into a commissary kitchen in the Arts District called Crafted Kitchen, and slowly started growing the Bridgetown Roti team.

Bridgetown is entirely family-owned and run, and the food is reminiscent of that very important fact. We proudly represent Caribbean lineage and with our food aim to share the history and culture of such a resilient people.

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