Owie Art

Handmade pieces by a spoonie, for spoonies.


Beau Beatrix is a multimedia artist who believes in the power of art to shape our own narratives and presence in the world. 


He draws inspiration from his amalgamous experiences of existing as a Fat, Queer, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Transgender, Black, Filipino, mess of a human being. His art thrives at the rarely trodden intersection of all of these. The complex nature of his identity is expressed through the juxtaposition of dark themes and bright colors, heavy emotions and lightweight materials, and bold eye-catching designs and subtle details to notice later. 


He specializes in jewelry and textile art and creates pieces with the chronically ill and plus-sized communities in mind. He only uses the body-safe materials, accessible closures, and generous sizing that he is able to wear and love himself. 


Beau aims to spur discourse and openness over topics that many consider to be uncomfortable. He also hopes to shine a light on the labor and value of artists who are so often underpaid and under appreciated. 


Beau is always exploring new mediums to tell his stories. His jewelry, painting, found poetry, zines, and more can be found at @beabeatrixart on Instagram. He writes about the intersection of environmental and accessible sustainability, including gardening, sewing, home decor, and cooking, at @_sustainababe_ on Instagram. 


He lives in Inglewood with his partner, their cat, a local house spirit, and an unknown number of plants. 


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