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Akoben & Co. is the manifestation of a dream to provide high quality goods and products to the world while immediately benefiting communities of color. Founded by Alkaline Chef Talia Dotson as an incubator from the Watts Garden club, Akoben & Co. was created to provide access to highly nutritious food products in food deserts. The primary products focus on products and ingredients that coordinate with Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide.

Our Products

Spelt Flour and Bread Mixes

Bread is a staple to the contemporary western diet; Akoben & Co. offers organic alkaline spelt flour and bread mixes to ease the transition to better health. Akoben & Co. exclusive 100% organic spelt flour is made from robust, easily digestible spelt grains; an early relative to modern day wheat. This whole grain, stone-milled flour boasts a robust, rich and nutty flavor. Great for pancakes and waffles, baking, and all your general flour needs.

To make it even easier, we have created a line of spelt flour-based bread mixes. These include: drop biscuit mix, pancake & waffle mix, crepe mix, and roti mix. The vegan-friendly cooking instructions are quick and easy-to-follow for a taste the whole family will love.

Wildcrafted Sea Moss

Sea Moss is a highly-potent superfood that has numerous overall benefits. Containing 92 out of the 110 essential minerals in the body, this cell food is brought to you exclusively by Akoben & Co. Ethically sourced exclusively from black-owned businesses in the Caribbean this high-quality organic sea moss is a must-have for a healthy, alkaline diet Great for lung health, increased energy, and improving skin, hair and nail health.
Purple sea moss is imported from Jamaica, and Golden sea moss is sourced from Trinidad & Tobago.

Vegan Empress Popsicles

These fun and tasty popsicles are perfect for the summertime. Made from all-natural, vegan ingredients and sweetened with agave, each popsicle contains a daily dose of sea moss all in one tasty treat. Non-gmo, preservative-free, and always organic, try one of the many flavors today.

Akoben & Co. - Purple Seamoss

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