Sip & Sonder

When attorneys Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas began embarking on their coffee journey, they felt a disconnect—a lack of coffee shops in their communities and a feeling of being outsiders in the coffee spaces they visited. Their solution? Sip & Sonder.

Established in 2017, Sip & Sonder's flagship location is the first specialty coffee house in Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA. With a coffee roaster, creative studio, and multi-purpose event space on site, Sip & Sonder is much more than your ordinary coffee shop—we are a Black women-owned entrepreneurial and creative hub where coffee, community, and culture connect.

Sip & Sonder is the premier destination for creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, curators, and everyone in between to simply exist, grab a cup of coffee, connect, create, and put sonder into action. Our mindfully curated coffee and innovative programs and partnerships solidify Sip & Sonder as one of the premier coffee and lifestyle brands in Los Angeles and beyond.

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