Oldest of Three

My maternal grandmother was a spiritual force who was big on family traditions and loved quality jewelry, accessories, and decor. I inherited her wealth of knowledge on matters of the heart, mind, and self love. Those intangible gifts were her heirlooms to me. We'd stay up for hours talking about freshwater pearls, handmade leather bags, the value of gold, honoring your sexuality, and the magical powers of amethyst and rose quartz. She instilled in me a love of quality goods as well as the sentimental meaning behind simple things.

It's my hope that Oldest of Three, llc. brings you a sense of belonging and connection to your past, present, and future.

I use art as a tool for expression and also to make sense of the unknown parts of my stories (mysteries) which connect us all. Most of my current work contains symbols and meanings of ancestral lineages, archetypes, and nature motifs.

I was birthed/ I am living/ I will return to the earth as I came

-Ciara Caple (Founder of Oldest of Three llc)

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