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Zuhuri Beauty

EnJunaya Canton began using her background in Chemistry to formulate BioActive, Vegan, Organic and Non-Toxic Skin and Hair Care Solutions in 2007 when she found herself very overweight at 255 pounds and with a host of medical problems, including 18 large fibroids. In researching possible causes, she learned about toxic chemicals used in cosmetics, negatively impacting black women’s health more than other races. After a rigid diet and only using her non-toxic products, she not only lost weight, drastically improved her skin, but also shrank and eliminated the 18 large fibroids. Zuhuri Beauty is a Black Female Owned Green Beauty Brand that uses clean ingredients and sustainable packaging that is reusable, refillable, recyclable and compostable. Product lines include Zuhuri Beauty, Twenty Six by Zuhuri Beauty, EMK Essentials for Men and S.A.F.E. for Babies.


Mingles Tea Bar

Mingles is a place where people can come and take a break from the daily stresses that day to day living can bring on. We provide a safe, tranquil, entertaining and encouraging atmosphere for our customers that soon become a part of the Mingles Family after their first visit. Our tagline is: “Experience the Flavor!” because it is just that… An Experience!

 Our teas include premium ingredients and are loose leafed. Our desserts are out of this world and we are known for our famous Mama’s Peach (Peach Cobbler) and Lemondrop Cake.

 Our teas are so nice…You can steep them twice…So enjoy a second cup of tea!

Socola Chocolatier

Socola Chocolatier is an award-winning chocolate company based in San Francisco. We were founded by Wendy Lieu, who also serves as our CEO and Chief Chocolatier. 

Wendy draws from her Vietnamese heritage and she and her staff handcraft inspired truffles, chocolate bars, and other treats in small batches using the finest ingredients. 

Socola has been featured in Forbes, NBC News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Zagat, and has a client list that includes Google, Tiffany, Sephora, and American Express.

Wendy has been honored with the National Association of Women Business Owners Aspire Award, PAAWBAC Monarch Leadership Award and the Renaissance Entrepreneur of the Year and Center for Asian American Media Rising Star. She is a graduate of UC Davis, Tante Marie Pastry School and the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. In her free time she serves as a board member for the East Cut Community Benefit District and teaches other small business owners at Renaissance.

Ambitious Ales

Ambitious Ales is a microbrewery that aims to build community by providing unique beer that brings people together and a tasting room that is a hub of community engagement. 

Our brewery is the creative expression and passionate work of 5 friends who seek to build upon the success of the craft beer community. Our journey into the world of craft beer was built on friendship and strengthened by the support of our family and friends. We have witnessed the power this craft has to bring people together and we aim to use it as a way to connect our community.  

Our approach to brewing is grounded in our value as a company to push the boundaries. We reinvent classic beer styles with unique ingredients that engage craft beer enthusiasts and those new to craft beer. 

We have chosen to open our brewery in a 71 year-old building in the beautiful community of Bixby Knolls. The building has an iconic reputation in the community that we plan to build upon. It was important to choose the right location because community is the foundation of our business.  Breweries dating back to colonial America were gathering places where people would strengthen relationships, discuss ideas and promote community agendas. Ambitious Ales aims to reestablish the historical role of a brewery as a social connector and community asset.  We don’t just want to operate IN the community; we want to operate WITH the community.


San Francisco’s favorite gift shop features art, clothing, home goods, jewelry and accessories from over 100 of the Bay Area’s most talented artists! The insider’s view of San Francisco is the theme for most of the design-oriented products sold at this funky gift shop. Local Take is where you go to find gifts for others but often find the perfect something for yourself.


The vision of the California Coffee Company is to honor the bold, resilient spirit of our forefathers through the building of community, commerce and legacy. We will accomplish our vision through excellence, integrity and love. All of our coffee is guaranteed fresh– roasted to order in California. Our partnership with Temecula Coffee Roasters gives you ethically sourced, exceptionally good coffee.


Thank you for your business! -Rhasaan Nichols, Founder & CEO


Maddy Bear Bakes

Maddy Bear, a 2021 Black Plate Award finalist, is on a mission to spread joy through baking, especially to those whose food sensitivities can make them feel left out. At 9 years old, Maddy Bear was diagnosed with a milk allergy. At school functions, birthday parties, and friends’ houses, she had to sit out and watch the other kids enjoy sweet treats. Her struggles inspired her to use her baking knowledge (she’s been in the kitchen since she was 2) to start creating dairy-free baked goods. The cookies were so well-received that neighbors asked to pay for more! That is how Maddy Bear Bakes was born. Maddy Bear’s sister, Mariah, joined her as her business grew to do all things logistical, communication, and design. Now, the sisters are working together, after school and on weekends, to grow the business that they love.  As a company, Maddy Bear Bakes remains committed to inclusivity for all kids, with a focus on keeping high-quality, allergy-friendly treats affordable.

Strawberry Lemonade Jam

Happi Jam

It all started on a breezy morning in August of 2018. Long Beach resident Terrance Williams. A freshly baked batch of his beloved buttermilk biscuits and no jelly or jam to serve them with. When he laughed about the dilemma to his grandmother back in North Carolina, she reminded him of all the times she made fruit preserves and that maybe….just maybe…he could try his hand at making them. He obliged and tried his luck with a free bag of overripe peaches from a Long Beach Farmer’s Market he frequents. In the days, weeks and months to follow, his family, friends, and coworkers would all make the same suggestion, “You know, you should sell this.”
Now. He does.

Strawberry Lemonade Jam

Gloria’s Shito

Driven by nostalgia and the reminiscences of her Ghanaian childhood, scientist Gloria Allorbi created “Gloria’s Shito” upon return from a long overdue visit to her motherland. On returning to Los Angeles just prior to the onset of Covid, immediately Allorbi’s taste buds began craving the culinary comforts of home, thus missing the flavors of Ghana. Led by cultural pride, personal joy and culinary comfort, Gloria set out to share her joy of shito with family & friends. While shining light on Ghana, Allorbi found herself sharing fond memories of people, places & food through shito. It’s Allorbi’s ambition, with every jar of Gloria’s Shito that new friends, nourishing conversations & lasting memories are created, while bridging cultural food and information gaps throughout her local communities; eventually reaching the world.

Strawberry Lemonade Jam

ACE Naturals

Ace Naturals provides 100% Naturals products for you to use externally and internally. Everything we need is already here on the earth, so these are products using high quality ingredients for nourishment for your mind, body, and soul!

Strawberry Lemonade Jam

Smokin’ Crackers

While living in Little Elm, Texas I discovered these spicy crackers and knew I had to learn how to make them. I would make them a few times a year for friends and family. Cooking has always seemed like a labor of love – it was what we did. It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember…so here we are.

Fast forward, I took the spicy crackers to a friend’s backyard party when I moved back to California in 2015; someone said “you should sell these”! Now they are available in several locations in Southern California and on Etsy.

I never dreamed it would be like this! I’m so thankful for all the support and encouragement from everyone. If I could ask one thing…it would be to share, like, follow, purchase, gift to a friend or donate to the cause. Stay tuned to see what’s next for us.

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