Road To Prosperity


The Inspiration Behind Prosperity Market

So, what makes a Hollywood makeup artist put down her brushes and a fashion designer lay down the fabric to start a farmers market?

It might seem like a random switch, but sometimes you just have to take the scenic route to your purpose.

Episode Summary

During quarantine and the social unrest of 2020, we were inspired to create impact. We didn’t know quite what that would look like, but it manifested into Prosperity Market. We found a way to create economic impact and food access for our communities, and fill our hearts in the process.

We where overwhelmed by all the statistics and wanted to find a meaningful solution.

  • A dollar stays in the black community for just 6 hours
  • Only 2.2% of U.S. employer businesses are black owned
  • 41% of black-owned businesses have closed due to Covid
  • 23.5 Million people live in communities without grocery stores or alternatives for healthy, affordable food
  • 2.6 Million Angelenos struggle with access to healthy, affordable food
  • South Los Angeles only has 91 grocery stores for a population of 820,000
  • California is the largest agricultural producing state in the country yet Los Angeles has the highest population of food insecure residents
  • Black farmers make up less than 2% of farmers in the nation
  • Of the 69,000 farms in California, only 429 of them are black owned

And that is what makes a makeup artist and a fashion designer start a farmers market!


Kara Still, 0:00

Carmen Dianne, 0:00

Show Contributors

Carmen Dianne, Kara Still

DP: Rome Shaw / Park and Lex Productions Editor:  Gary George

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We are currently offering delivery in the following zip codes

Chesterfield SquareWest HollywoodSouth LA (select zip codes)
West AdamsInglewoodNorth Hollywood
Exposition Park