Road to Prosperity

Throughout our first year you have generously supported us, and collectively we have done some pretty cool things, like:

  • Fed 6,000+ people
  • Supported 60+ black owned businesses
  • Provided a platform for black farmers to expand
  • Created fun initiatives that encouraged community support

In 2022 we are doing all of that PLUS getting Prosperity Market on the road!

With your support we have raised the money to put Prosperity Market on wheels!  So what’s next?

Next Up – The trailer is in progress and we look forward to a 2023 launch.  And there is still much work to be done.  

Next steps:

  • – Secure commercial kitchen 
  • – Commissary to park the trailer
  • – Staffing & permits

You can continue to support Prosperity Market, our mission, and our vendors as we work towards next steps with a contribution below.

P.S. – If you love our pop-ups, don’t you worry, they aren’t going anywhere. We will still have our monthly gatherings that you have grown to know and love. AND with our mobile trailer, we will be able to operate daily! Just imagine the impact we can have with your support!


Tier 1 | $50

Every $50 provides a vendor scholarship for one farmer participating in our market.

Tier 2 | $250

Every $250 provides a box of fresh produce and kitchen staples for 8 families at our produce giveaway.

Tier 3 | $500

The cost of event marketing and promotion for one virtual farmers market, in-person farmers market, and free produce giveaway.

Tier 4 | $1,000

Provides a 5 month vendor scholarship for 4 farmers participating in our market.

Tier 5 | $1,500

The cost of one virtual market, allowing us to expand our reach to more communities.

Tier 6 | $5,000

The cost of food for one produce giveaway, helping us bring fresh produce to neighborhoods in South Los Angeles.

Tier 7 | $10,000

The total cost of one farmers market, allowing us to create the full Prosperity Market Experience for everyone to enjoy!

Every contribution, no matter the amount, gets us one step further on The Road to Prosperity!

All supporters will receive a personal thank you and recognition on the Prosperity Market Supporters Wall

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Prosperity Supporters

Every contribution, no matter the amount, gets us one step further on The Road to Prosperity!

All supporters will receive a personal thank you and recognition on the Prosperity Market Supporters Wall

Prefer Cashapp?

Community Impact


Only 2.2% of all U.S. employer businesses are black owned, and now due to COVID 41% have had to close.  ⅔ of black owned businesses are located in the hardest hit COVID areas.  Black americans are disproportionately affected by COVID due to pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension, which are largely preventable with proper nutrition and a healthy diet.

23.5 Million Americans live in areas with limited access to grocery stores or alternatives to healthy, affordable food.  California is the largest agricultural producing state in the country, yet Los Angeles has the highest population of hungry people.  

2.6 million Angelinos are currently experiencing food insecurity.


Prosperity Market is a farmers market on wheels and a food truck in one, featuring black farmers, food producers, and chefs!  We travel throughout Los Angeles, making it easier to support local businesses while creating food access in our communities.

We are transforming our local ecosystem and our economy through agriculture, food access, nutrition education, and community partnerships.

We encourage economic growth, provide access to healthy food, promote long-term healthy habits, support the black agricultural movement, and create opportunities for the community to Prosper.

To Our Supporters

We are beyond grateful for our community, and the outpouring of love and financial support.

Looking for even more ways to support Prosperity Market? Check out Polar Bear Kitchen! They are graciously contributing proceeds from our EXCLUSIVE Prosperity Market collab!

Polar Bear Kitchen created a delicious “Prosperity” Smoothie just for us! Strawberry, banana, dark chocolate chips, and coconut cream! Click the link below to order yours today!

Polar Bear Kitchen

Polar Bear Kitchen was born out of necessity. And that necessity is to change the world in a way that inspires people to strive for good health, raise awareness on cultural and social issues, and bring acceptance to everyone.

We believe that it’s wrong that most people blame themselves for not having time to make a difference in this world. At Polar Bear Kitchen, we help you do that one smoothie at a time.

Available every Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers Market from 8am to 1pm, and every Wednesday at the Altadena Farmers Market 4pm to 7pm.

Farmers Market Pop-UPS

Our goal is to support local black farmers and food businesses throughout L.A. and create food access in our communities! With a focus on our local food system, not only can we feed our neighbors, we can also create a substantial economic impact.

Prosperity Events

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