Organic Spelt Drop Biscuit Mix

Organic Spelt Drop Biscuit Mix

Bread is a staple to the contemporary western diet; Akoben & Co. offers organic alkaline spelt flour and bread mixes to ease the transition to better health. Akoben & Co. exclusive 100% organic spelt flour is made from robust, easily digestible spelt grains; an early relative to modern day wheat. This whole grain, stone-milled flour boasts a robust, rich and nutty flavor. Great for pancakes and waffles, baking, and all your general flour needs.

To make it even easier, we have created a line of spelt flour-based bread mixes. These include: drop biscuit mix, pancake & waffle mix, crepe mix, and roti mix. The vegan-friendly cooking instructions are quick and easy-to-follow for a taste the whole family will love.

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