Road To Prosperity


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We created this series, “Road to Prosperity,” to give you a glimpse into Prosperity Market. Join us on the Road To Prosperity!

Episode Summary

Prosperity Market is turning one and it’s hard to believe that we have been at this for one full year! What a wild ride! We went from binge watching Netflix on our couches for most of 2020, to all of the sudden running a mobile farmers market featuring black farmers and entrepreneurs, that pops up all over Los Angeles. 2021 was one big, real-time case study for us. We like to think of it as our Beta year. We documented much of our progress and we want to share our journey with you. 


Kara Still, 0:00

Carmen Dianne, 0:00

Show Contributors

Carmen Dianne, Kara Still

DP: Rome Shaw / Park and Lex Productions Editor: Adisa “Felix” Sobers

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