The Beenie Vegan Shito (V)

The Beenie Vegan Shito (V)


8 oz. Ghanaian Vegan Hot Sauce.

What is Shito?

Spoken mainly in the southwestern coastal region of my beautiful Ghana, “shito” translates to “pepper” in the Ga language.

Gloria’s Shito is a beautifully crafted and time intensive condiment, made by the careful selection and blending of hot peppers, ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes (and often fish) to capture a bloom of umami & spice; richly elevating a large variety of international cuisines.

Vegan Umami Black Pepper Sauce. Made with the same process and love, just without the fish.

Discover the flavors of Ghana in a jar. Umami black pepper sauce crafted with love.

Made traditionally with only the best ingredients

No Artificial Preservatives and No MSG. All ingredients are locally sourced to give the best possible flavor.

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