Mother Nature Copper Talisman

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Mother Nature Copper Talisman


This talisman harnesses all positive aspects of a nurturing mother. She governs the spaces of transformation and provides a safe place for us to honor our truths. She helps quiet our anxieties so we can hear the voice of intuition. She protects our creations so we become fruitful. Above all else she celebrates us with love and warmth.

Each pendant is planted in the earth to reconnect it with nature. Copper is the perfect element for this pendant as it carries earth energy, reminding us to walk in balance with nature. It’s also believed to assist the body in repairing tissues, oxygenating blood, easing arthritis, increasing vitality, and strengthening the female reproductive systems.

The pendant will vary in coloring and will not be exactly as the photo. The pendants photographed are in different stages of aging. There will be some brown or darkened spots on your piece but the majority of the coloring will be copper tone when shipped.


This wearable art heirloom was made for you. The pendant can be worn as jewelry around the neck or used as a talisman for it’s grounding properties. Talismans are worn or kept on you in your pocket or bag similar to a crystal. This also can be displayed or framed as home/office decor.

Heavyweight: approximately weighs 3.6 oz

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