Ghetto Gastro Syrup Maple Cider

Ghetto Gastro Syrup Maple Cider


Our maple syrup is harvested with sustainable and organic methods in collaboration with a forestry initiative in Upstate NY. We use Dark maple syrup, which is deeply flavored and rich in antioxidants and trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, and potassium, in conjunction with apple cider syrup for a subtle, rich touch. Honoring the Indigenous roots of maple syrup, we take care to source with the utmost respect for the land.

Bringing the vibes to breakfast with mix? We got you with a sweet treat to keep the cipher complete: Maple Cider Syrup. Our Maple Cider Syrup combines Organic Dark Maple Syrup and Apple Cider Syrup for a unique touch on the finishing drips. This syrup is not just for waffles, they make a viable alternative to any liquid sweetener. Sub in for simple syrup in cocktails, add to baked goods, toss with roasted vegetables, and mix it up with anything else you can dream up.

Organic Dark Maple Syrup*, Apple Cider Syrup *Certified Organic By Ecocert

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