Art Print

Art Print


Princess Bubblegum Snapper 13″x13″ Print of acrylic & multimedia on canvas

Princess Bubblegum Snapper went to the bottom of the sea to chew her gum as loudly as she pleased.  She enjoyed being in her own world so much that she stayed there forever.  Some say she is the mother of all sea creatures.

“Bubblegum Snapper” is a nickname given to my cousins and I when we were young, wild, and free.  The nickname was given to us by a local who lived in the Bahamas when we visited on a family trip.  I didn’t think of the meaning until I was older and I realized that the name called upon the wild nature of children.  Children usually live in their own worlds living loudly for all to hear unaware of the trials of anyone else.

Approximately measures 13″x13″ including the white border, the image measures 12″x12″.  Colors may vary depending on screen settings.

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