Prosperity Market Returns to Malibu Village

Prosperity Market Returns to Malibu Village

Prosperity Market Returns to Malibu

Join us for our

Prosperity In Malibu

Virtual Market
March 21 – 25, 2022

Pop-Up Market
March 26, 2022

Prosperity Market is a farmers market on wheels and a food truck in one, featuring black farmers, food producers, & Chefs! Our full trailer is coming soon, but the mission starts now!

Find Prosperity Market in Malibu Village on Saturday, March 26! This month we are also bringing you a 5-Day Virtual Farmers Market!

A Week-long Affair

Monday March 21 – Friday March 25

Shop the market from the comfort of your home, virtually!

Market opens: 9am Monday 3/21
Market closes: 5pm Friday 3/25

Pick up your items at our contactless pick-up on Saturday 3/26. Pickup locations in Inglewood, North Hollywood, & Malibu.

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Saturday March 26
in-person pop-up

Come say hello and browse the market offerings from 11am to 3pm. We will be following Covid guidelines to ensure safety of all participants.


Malibu Village
3836 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA 90265


The Farmer Ken

Here We Gro Gardens


Crop swap

California Coffee Co.

Toss It Up Salad


Lot XI


Happi Jam logo

Happi Jam

Create The Flavor


Cooking With Love


Imani Gardens


Gloria's Shito


The Impact

“Our goal is to support local black farmers and food businesses throughout L.A. and create food access in our communities! With a focus on our local food system, not only can we feed our neighbors, we can also create a substantial economic impact.”

Event Partners

Can’t make the pop-up but want to support our mission?

stay informed

State of Play Podcast

State of Play Podcast


State of Play

Podcast featuring Prosperity Market
Episode Summary

Post-pandemic America has changed our lives, no doubt. How has the way we feel about work, the type of work available, and the nature of work been impacted by the pandemic? We’ll explore those questions and more on this week’s episode of State of Play.

Transcript creation in progress.
Show Contributors

Sharon Pratt (former mayor of Washington DC)

Former Clinton and Obama Labor Economist, and current Western Michigan University President, Dr. Ed Montgomery

Huffington Post Work and Lifestyle Reporter, Monica Torres

Career coach and Ohio State University Professor of Engineering, Dr. Monica Cox;

Startup Founders (Prosperity Market), Carmen Diane and Kara Still

Howard University School of Divinity and Psychology Professor, Rev. Ronald Hopson.

Spectrum 1 News Features Prosperity Market’s July Produce Giveaway


Spectrum 1 News

Features Prosperity Market’s July Produce Giveaway

If you want more information on this feature, please visit the full article – Spectrum News 1 highlights Prosperity Market.

Episode Summary

Nathalie Basha of Spectrum News 1 meets Prosperity Market founders Kara Still and Carmen Dianne, to discuss their vision for a mobile farmers market trailer and highlights the July produce giveaway.

Nathalie Basha, 0:00
When we think of a farmers market, we usually think of something stationary, but that is the exact opposite of what Prosperity Market is working to do. I’m Natalie Basha in West Adams, and I meet two women who are working to put a farmers market on wheels, featuring black farmers and food entrepreneurs. Before the pandemic Kara’s career looked really different from this.

Kara Still, 0:00
I was in fashion design, so, all the details on the way that your clothes are constructed is what I was doing.

Nathalie Basha, 0:04
And while she still does some freelance fashion design on the side she spends most of her days, dreaming of ways to disrupt the traditional farmer’s market model and her business partner Carmen, who’s a part time makeup artist by trade is right there with her.

Carmen Dianne, 0:18
This took over. I mean, it literally took over and I wasn’t thinking about makeup and it just, it like, it’s like tunnel vision right now.

Nathalie Basha, 0:26
Kara and Carmen were inspired to help the black community, after the death of George Floyd and said they found a way to do it through a gap in the farmers market and started Prosperity Market.

Kara Still, 0:36
We are a mobile Black Farmers Market so we support black farmers and food entrepreneurs, and we go all over LA monthly doing different stuffs in different locations. And then part of what we do is we also do monthly produce giveaways.

Nathalie Basha, 0:48
The two women say that in some parts of LA, it’s hard to find, black owned businesses, and while in others like South LA finding fresh food is a challenge.

Carmen Dianne, 1:00
If you live on in North Hollywood or the west side or if you kind of live far away you don’t have an opportunity to support black businesses.

Nathalie Basha, 1:06
So one part of the business model are these roving Sunday produce giveaways. The bags are packed with food products from black owned businesses.

Kara Still, 1:14
We have Misha’s dairy free cream cheese

Nathalie Basha, 1:17
and stocked with produce from black farmers, but the Sunday produce giveaways are just one aspect of Prosperity Market, Kara and Carmen, are also out here promoting and fundraising for their biggest goal, a farmers market super trailer on wheels.

Kara Still, 1:31
The back is like a grocery store so you can go in and shop just like produce aisles in a grocery store.

Nathalie Basha, 1:37
By being on wheels instead of stationary, they say they’ll be able to increase their reach and frequency and help more people on both sides of the farmer’s market model that purple truffle basil, people like Briann, one of the Black Farmers featured in prosperity market and known for her homemade lemonade,

Briann Battle, 1:52
It has been a blessing, you know, to just teach my kids entrepreneurship, and you know to be a black business owner and just have this amazing opportunity. You know, I’m, I’m just so thankful.

Nathalie Basha, 2:04
In order to get the super trailer finished Kara and Carmen still have to raise over $100,000, and they’re taking donations on their website. But until then, they’ll be out here, Changing the blueprints of farmers markets on foot.

Show Contributors

Nathalie Basha, Carmen Dianne, Kara Still, Briann Battle

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