Mobile Farmers Market Strives to Change Social & Economic Disparities in the Black Community

Mobile Farmers Market Strives to Change Social & Economic Disparities in the Black Community

Prosperity Market is out to change LA’s local economy through food starting with 3-day pop-up event in Inglewood.

LOS ANGELES (February 15, 2021) Prosperity Market kicks off their mission to be a solution for food insecurity and economic instability with their first event Feb 26-28 in Inglewood, CA. 

Founders Carmen Dianne and Kara Still are creating Prosperity Market, a farmers market on wheels and a food truck in one featuring black farmers, food producers, and chefs.  They will travel around Los Angeles, creating food access and economic opportunity.  Their mission is to transform their local ecosystem and economy through food access, agriculture, nutrition education, and community. 

“With this concept we are able to accomplish dual missions.  We provide a platform for black farmers and food entrepreneurs, and we can create food access in areas that do not have grocery stores or alternatives for healthy affordable food.  We are excited about the social and economic impact Prosperity Market will have.” says Dianne.

Still continues, “Our platform is intended to create a ripple throughout the entire local ecosystem from supporting black food producers and stimulating demand within the supply chain, to making healthy food available in areas that continue to be denied access.”

South Los Angeles only has 91 grocery stores to service its population of 820,000. That equals 1 store for every 9,025 residents.  1 in 8 people in Los Angeles have said they can’t find fresh produce in their neighborhoods, and 1 in 5 can’t afford it.  A lack of access to healthy affordable food puts residents at risk of diet-related health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity. 

Dianne and Still are gearing up for Prosperity Market’s official launch summer 2021 with a series of pop-up farmers markets.  Their first pop-up is a 3-day event beginning February 26.

Friday, February 26, is their virtual farmers market.  Customers can shop online at from 12a – 6pm and receive contactless pick-up on Saturday.  Saturday, February 27, is the pop-up farmers market at Faithful Central Church in Inglewood from 11am – 3pm.  Customers can shop in-person, and/or pick up their pre-orders.  Sunday, February 28, is a free produce give-a-way.  Sunday’s location has not yet been released. 

Vendors over the weekend include Farmer Ken, SoLA Co-op, IGH Gardens, Sam Cobb Farms, and more.  Event partners include Summaeverythang Community Center, Dreamers Youth, Social Justice Learning Institute, Feed Our Soul, Black Women Farmers of LA, and Vegans of LA.  Visit for a full list of vendors and partners, and to learn more about Prosperity Market. 

Customers can register online at, for all three days.

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